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Skills and Experience
Languages and Platforms
Extensive knowledge of Java with experience in writing distributed applications, high-performance servers, tools, and utility classes. Past experience building web based applications and utilities in Perl. (Wrote Class::MethodMaker module, available on CPAN). Currently authoring a book on Common Lisp. Also familiar with SQL, C/C++, Emacs, and UNIX environment.
Java and Object Oriented Programming
Experience teaching Java programming and object oriented design to audience of professional and amateur programmers.
Journalistic and Expository
Experience in daily and weekly journalism. Published in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, New Haven Advocate, Yale Scientific and others.
Yale Writing Prizes:
Hersey Memorial Non-Fiction, Second Place, 1994
Wright Non-Fiction, Second Place, 1993
Wallace Non-Fiction, Honorable Mention, 1993
J. Edgar Meeker Memorial, 1991
Yale University
BA in English with distinction in the major.
2003 - Present
Writing Practical Common Lisp, for Apress Publishing.
1999 - 2002
Worked as Technical Director leading development of transactional message switch and participating in design of entire product line. Also responsible for Kenamea's software development process.
1997 - 1999
BEA (was WebLogic)
Work as Senior Software Engineer, on the WebLogic Java Application Server. Last role was leading five-person team developing next generation of EJB container in the WebLogic server. Previously involved in implementation of enterprise APIs such as JNDI and EJB as well as work on internal test framework and coding standards.
1998 - 1999
UC Berkeley Extension
Teach Java: Discovering its Power, an introductory course on Java and object oriented design and A First Course in Java, a Java course for non-programmers.
1996 - 1997
Organic Online
Worked as Software Engineer, writing groupware tools in Perl and Java and Perl scripts for a variety of clients' web-sites, including writing the search engine for Nike's Atlanta 1996 Olympic site.
1995 - 1996
Mother Jones Magazine
Interned, and later contracted, as computer programmer, sysadmin and web designer for The MoJo Wire, Mother Jones's web-site. Designed and wrote the original Live Wire web-discussion system.
Summer 1994
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Worked as reporting intern for city desk, features department, editorial page and copy desk.