Q. Who is the Javamonkey?
A. Peter Seibel

Q. Where does he work?
A. At home. Currently he's working on a book about Common Lisp. (Soon he will be the Lisp monkey.)

Q. Is there anything good on this site at all?
A. Well, there's a bibliography originally put together for a Java course the Javamonkey taught at UC Berkeley Extension as well as a urlography for the same course.

Or, if you do Java programming, you may want to grab Macaca, a GPL'd Java testing framework written by the Javamonkey. Someday soon he may make more information available about Macaca somewhere on this site.

Emacs users who write Java and/or use Perforce might want to grab some elisp the javamonkey wrote. Again docs are lacking. Basically, unpack the tar into some directory in your load-path and add:

  (require 'p4)
  (require 'javamonkey)
  (require 'javamonkey-templates)
to your .emacs file.

And management types might want to read about how to effectively install new corporate policies.

Q. Where's the stuff about the band I saw last night in Atlanta.
A. Different web site: www.java-monkey.com

Q. No, no, I'm looking for the coffee shop in Decatur, GA!
A. Aah, that'd be: www.javamonkeydecatur.com

Peter Seibel <peter@javamonkey.com>
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